Top Former

Servall Top Former

The Servall Top Former is a product of state -of -art technology from and an extremely versatile forming unit, designed for new forming sections or as a retro - fit to existing fourdrinier wires. It brings many benefits, in terms of both capacity and quality, and is applicable across the whole range of paper and board grades. Because of its compact design, retrofitting is straightforward, and the unit can be easily integrated into existing frame and cantilever systems.

The Top Wire Former essentially comprises a second wire, brought down on top of the draining sheet, and a series of dewatering devices inside that second wire. This simple system immediately creates a new set of forming conditions, in which water is removed in both directions, and crucially, in which directed forces can act on individual fibres. It is this combination of water removal direction and generated forces that give the unit its major benefits.

The first benefit of the Top Wire Former is that it can dramatically increase the water handling capacity of the forming section. The limitations single wire fourdrinier in extracting water from sheet are overcome by Servall - Top former effectively. All the standard engineering interlocks including operational & safety have been employed in the design. The product is engineered to be of truly international standards.

Critical Components & Subsystems

  • The first component of Top former
  • Bringing two wire in contact
  • To apply blade action of the sheet
  • To force water through the top wire for removal by the auto slice
  • Easy location inside the base wire loop
  • Completely SS Fabricated
  • Accurate set up
  • Easy mechanism for operations & Maintenance
  • Tops of ceramic construction
  • For removal of water forced by lead in Shoe
  • Completely SS Fabricated
  • Adjustable Throat to create ideal air flow conditions
  • Cross shaft connected
  • Hand wheel adjustment
  • Throat adjustable from 6- 100 mm
  • The main dewatering component of the Top former
  • Removes water upward from the sheet
  • Completely SS Fabricated
  • Independently adjustable vacuum zones
  • SS T Bar Slide mountings for Ceramic blades
  • Clear Perspex windows for visual level indication
  • Hinged side covers for access to ceramic blade holders
  • Ensuring sheet follows the bottom Wire
  • Completely SS Fabricated
  • Adjustable mounting for accurate set up.
  • Hinged assembly for easy wire change
  • Air Ride lowering mechanism

Servall Top Former Advantages

  • Higher speeds
  • Better formation
  • Improved paper quality
  • Reduced Linting
  • Uniform finish on both sides
  • More even Fines & Filler distribution
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Low installation cost
  • Minimum down time