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Drying Cylinder


Assembly & Testing

After the precise machining of the shells, covers and assembly, hydro-static testing is carried out at twice the maximum working pressure.


The Cylinder is ground and super finished upto 4 to 8 microns Rt scale on the high precision Waldrich Siegen (Germany) Roll Grinding Machine.


The Cylinder is dynamically balanced as per the operating requirement of the client.

Quality Control

Strict QC monitoring is done at every stage from raw materials to finished cylinders. A fully equipped laboratory conducts extensive testing of sand, binders, additives and raw materials to ensure the quality of the final product. Integral test bars are inspected and tested for physical and chemical properties of shells and end covers.

Surface finish checking and recording ensure the superb finish of the surface. Melting and pouring temperatures are regularly monitored to maintain their required metallurgy. Stage inspection ascertains close tolerance, machining and concentricity. The result – a product that is accepted worldwide.



Ours is India’s only foundry exporting Drying Cylinders and Food Dryers to the whole of Europe. All the exported cylinders are inspected and approved by TUV Nord Germany, whose strict and high quality standards are legendary.

Our Indian Clients

Almost every paper mill in India uses our Drying Cylinders. This alone speaks for our credentials.

Over three decades in the pursuit of excellence has earned us a peerless position in the paper Industry. Our main thrust area is the manufacture of complete paper plant and machinery, which gives us valuable insight into the requirements of the industry. Apart our infrastructural advantages enable us to cater successfully to the dryer requirements of the paper of the paper, food and chemical industries. Making us the No1 in Drying Cylinders in India. Constant in-house research and development and well planned collaborations with world leaders keep our technology intune with the best in the world.

Product Range

Our range of drying cylinders include cast iron drying, alloyed Cast Iron drying, Cooling cylinders and food drying cylinders. We produce 200 to 250 cylinders every year, depending on the size of the cylinders.

We also manufacture Pope Reeler Drums, Coated cylinder Special Alloy Castings and Paper Machine Rolls. Other products like SG Iron Castings and MG Cylinders are under development.


Our drying cylinders are used in the paper industry for the manufacture of paper, board, speciality papers & tissues. Our Alloyed Cast Iron Cylinders are used for installations after Size Press, after Coating and for cooling applications. The Food industry uses Drying Cylinders in the manufacture of Powders and Baby foods. In the chemical industry, they are used for the manufacture of Foils, films and Flakes.

Design Features

End covers of integral journal design. Shells and End covers are heat treated for high pressure and special applications. Rope groove provided on the end cover. The Drying Cylinders are designed in accordance with the international standards (DIN & BS). Design approved by TUV Nord Germany for all export cylinders. Taper journal on specific request. High hardness shells (220 to 260 BHN) for special applications. Choose grained structure for chrome plating applications.

Material of Construction

Special Cast Iron of DIN GG 25 to GG 35 quality with very close & dense grain structure having high thermal conductivity and uniform hardness.

Alloyed cast Iron shells with molybdenum and nickel content for non- sticking applications (after size Press and after coating).

Nodular cast Iron (GGG 40) for high pressure applications.

Technical Data


Diameter mm Max. Face Length (mm)
1000 10000
1220 / 1250 10000
1500/1524 10000
1800 10000
2000 10000


Quality beings right from the selection of raw material. High grade materials are used in their optimum mix to maximize strength & durability. Core and mould assembly with fixtures are handled with utmost care. Melting temperature, speed of pouring, solidification and cooling are all done under strict monitoring to ensure better heat transfer and higher precision. The cylinder pouring pit has the facility to cast upto 10000 mm long shells.

Machine shop

For the precision machine of the Drying Cylinder Shells and End Covers, we use special purpose machines like Vertical Turret Lathe, Heavy Roll Turning Lathe etc. These machine tools and stringent supervision of the procedures ensure close tolerances and concentricity.

Other Services

We have state of art machine tools that are exactly required for heavy engineering industry which is positioning us to totally build high end and high speed paper machines. With these infrastructure, our capability extend beyond paper segment and we have also been catering to Food, Asbestos, Power, Sugar, Cement etc., core industrial segments. We do offer our spare capabilities especially with a focus to large castings, fabrications and accurate, high precision plate bending activities.

Below are the infrastructures would detail the possibilities of our services

S.No Discription Make Capacity Qty
1 CNC Profile Cutting *** Messer 300 mm 1 No.
2 Plasma Cutting Hypertherme 36 mm 1 No.
3 Welding Machine – TrsnsSynergic Fronius 500A 1 No.
4 Welding Machine – TrsnsSynergic Fronius 400A 1 No.
5 Welding Machine – TIG Fronius 220A 1 No.
6 Band Saw Cutting Indo Tech Dia. 300 1 No.
7 Hydraulic Press Hindusthan 300 T 1 No.
8 Welding Generator Grieshieme 300A 1 No.
9 Press Brake *** WARCOM – ITALY 800 T 1 No.

Gas Cutting – CNC Profile Cutting Machine from Messer with Hypertherm Plasma. Upto 200 mm MS and 36 mm SS (Plasma)

Press Brake

Make / Model WARCOM – ITALY / FUTURA 60 – 800
Max. Capacity 800 TON
Bending Length 6200 mm
Distance between Housing 5050 mm
Gap 500 mm

MS maximum 20 mm thick for 6 meters / 25 mm thick – partial length upto 3 Mtrs.

SS maximum 16 mm thick for 6 meters / 20 mm thick – partial length upto 3 Mtrs.

Tools Available for Press Brake

Punch R1 and R2
V – Die 16, 22, 35, 50, 80, 125, 200
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