Press Section

Servall designed presses are based on three basic functions.

  • To achieve maximum mechanical dewatering efficiency with out affecting basic essential sheet properties like bulk, opacity, smoothness etc.
  • To efficiently remove the extracted water through savealls, felt cleaning & conditioning equipments efficiently
  • To get sufficient sheet support and to maintain maximum machine efficiency.


  • Servall press is a traditional two no draw nips followed by a third straight through press.
  • Servall press is designed for low & medium speed paper machines for manufacturing wide range of papers.
  • Servall compact press is designed for maximum dewatering efficiency
  • The Servall Press employs suction pickup cum press roll for compactness of construction.
  • Widths upto 6 mtrs and above
  • Vibration free sturdy designs and optimally engineered for machine speeds.
  • Quick felt & roll change capability
  • Easy tail feed.


  • State of art technology from Servall.
  • Ideally suitable for W & P, Newsprint, Fine etc., papers produced at Medium & High Speed machines up to 1000 MPM.
  • Widths up to 6 mtrs. and above
  • The first nip & the third roll can be configured with controlled crown rolls for easy adjustment of uniform nip pressures in this multi nip arrangement
  • Trinip press along with fourth press good for avoiding two sidedness
  • Servall trinip presses are specially designed for maximum dewatering efficiency with higher nip loads before first open draw in the paper machine.
  • Vibration free sturdy designs especially needed for high speed machines.
  • Quick felt & roll change capability
  • Easy tail feed
  • Computer/DCS compatible controls for nip pressure profiling.

Servall Press Advantages

  • Improved evenness
  • Maximum De watering
  • Improved sheet strength
  • Improved machine efficiency
  • Reduced steam consumption
  • High speed capabilities
  • Easy and fast felt & roll change