Head Box

Servall Pressurised Head Box


  • Vacuum Augmented Pressurised Head Box with Tapered Manifold
  • Single & Multi tube bank type Pressurised Head Box with Tapered manifold.
  • Octopus Distributor with branch tube type Pressurized Head box


  • Slice through put above 7000 LPM/ mtr especially suitable for High speed machines
  • Width above 6 mtrs
  • Slice lip adjustable openings with coarse & fine resolutions
  • Micro Slice lip adjustments for fine adjustment of slice throughput to achieve precise CD profile.
  • Foam killing showers for clearing foam as well for Head box maintenance
  • Avoidance of re-circulation for increased & improved productivity as well as for better energy savings in Octopus distributor type.
  • Easy maintenance
  • Ideally suitable for fastgrade changes

Instrumentation & Drives

  • State-of-art computer ineffaceable ideally suitable for Fast grade changes Instrumentation is similar in both rectifier roll and hydraulic head boxes.
  • Level & pressure closed loop feed back controls.
  • Variable speed drives for Evener (Slice) rolls
  • The speed of the fan pump is regulated for maintenance of constant slice throughput.
  • Machine Speed proportional Automatic Liquid Level Controller
  • PID controls for Constant Level & Pressure maintenance

Servall Hydraulic Head Box

Types & Capacities

  • Available with Central Distributor & Dilution systems
  • Available in Single & Multiple tube bank versions
  • Max. capacities above 7000 LPM/ mtr. width
  • Max. width capabilities above 6 mtrs.


  • High turbulence for even fiber distribution with help of equalizing chamber & micro turbulence tube bank elements
  • Recirculation avoided for Increased productivity & Reduced energy consumption.
  • With Automatic dilution control valves as optional for Total automation
  • Computer interfaceable controls
  • Field sensors of highest quality for precise control
  • Prevents scale formation for better Paper manufacturing
  • Stainless Steel construction for corrosion prevention & long life
  • Precisely manufactured to international standards
  • Easy maintenance
  • Ideally suitable for Fast grade changes

Servall Headbox Advantages

  • High Speeds
  • Better Formation
  • Low installation cost
  • Improved paper quality
  • Easy & fast maintenance
  • Uniform finish on both sides
  • Extremely good cd /md profiles
  • More even fines & filler distribution
  • Minimum downtime -easy grade change