Dryer Section

Product Range

Our range of drying cylinders include cast iron drying, alloyed Cast Iron drying, Cooling cylinders and food drying cylinders. We produce 200 to 250 cylinders every year, depending on the size of the cylinders.
We also manufacture Pope Reeler Drums, Coated cylinder Special Alloy Castings and Paper Machine Rolls. Other products like SG Iron Castings and MG Cylinders are under development.


Our drying cylinders are used in the paper industry for the manufacture of paper, board, speciality papers & tissues. Our Alloyed Cast Iron Cylinders are used for installations after Size Press, after Coating and for cooling applications. The Food industry uses Drying Cylinders in the manufacture of Powders and Baby foods. In the chemical industry, they are used for the manufacture of Foils, films and Flakes.

Size Press

Some paper machine contain a unit for the application of certain liquid media to the web surface. The process of applying of a starch solution, a sizing agent or a mixture of both is called sizing. The objective is to increase the paper strength and to modify the surface properties of the paper with respect to liduid uptake during writing, printing or coating on the paper.

Sized papers are of higher strength.This is important for liner and carrugated media, other packing papers, graphic papers. To increase the tensile strength the penetration of the size into the paper is desired. To increase the surface strength of the paper which is commonly used for printing, the size should remain on the paper surface. Reduces the penetration of liquids into the paper like ink spread when writing or printing on to the paper.


  • Open stack, Single Hard nip, Soft Nip etc. types of calendars
  • Built around imported Calendar rolls - Swimming & Thermo Rolls
  • Built around Chilled Cast Iron rolls for Open Stack type
  • Sturdy Frames engineered for long life
  • Hydraulic Nip relieving
  • Simple & Easy to operate
  • Adjustable eccentricity for Intermediate rolls
  • Easy & Exact roll aligning
  • Workshop pre erection & functional control reduce site erection time
  • Automatic Web feeding
  • Modern Doctors - Oscillating with air nozzles